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2016.5.25: Rums of Central America Tasting & Gail’s Cuisine

Our series of rum tastings contines this month with rums of Central America and a little side dish of Gail’s Caribbean cuisine! Last time we had this event, it was…


[Wed 3.30] Rums of Asia Tasting!

Two weeks ago, we kickstarted our rum tasting series with a go at 12 rums from all over the middle kingdom. This wednesday March 30th, we will be jumping in…


Raise the Rum Lanterns: 1st Ever Chinese Rum Tasting

After months of research, phone calls and internet browsing, I’m pleased to bring you the first ever (That we know off) Chinese Rum tasting at Cuju! I’ve personally spent months…


Superbowl, Premier Leage, Serie A and Spring Festival Schedule

Howdy folks, We’re getting ready to hit the year of the Monkey and we all know that monkeys are the pirates of the wild… it’s gonna be a beautiful one…



In order to honor China’s 70th anniversary of the victory over Japan and Facism, CuJu will be closed on 9/2 & 9/3. We will resume normal operating hours on 9/4….


3rd Annual Black Tot Day Celebration

Avast, ye scurvey dogs!!! We be havin’ an official-like nomination for a permanet place of sad memoriums upon Ye Ol’ Coots Calendar. July 31st must be set aside to commemorate…


CuJu Turns 3…. Let’s Bring the House down

damn time flies… June 8th 2012, this little hole in the wall in the hutongs opened up just in time for the first game of the Euro 2012. Dongcheng’s only…


The Great Rum-Out

In Almost 3 years, we’ve accumulated tons and tons of different rums. Some amazing, some extraordinary and some just out of this world good. And some of them, we just…

New Specials: Wine Night and Sandwich Nite

Here at cuju, we’ve made a lot of our reputation on rums but let’s not forgot that we have a full house of goodies. So we’re launching a few new…


TimeOut Beijing 2014 Bar Awards

So folks, as 2014 comes to an end, we have the last set of Beijing nightlife awards coming out! This will be the last time you’re all asked to vote…