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Superbowl, Premier Leage, Serie A and Spring Festival Schedule

Howdy folks, We’re getting ready to hit the year of the Monkey and we all know that monkeys are the pirates of the wild… it’s gonna be a beautiful one…


Arsenal vs Chelsea, Eagles vs Cowboys, Seahawks vs Packers

It’s that time when we pretty much don’t sleep folks! This weekend, the premier league sees a clash between Chelsea and Arsenal. The teams have had different fortunes this season…



In order to honor China’s 70th anniversary of the victory over Japan and Facism, CuJu will be closed on 9/2 & 9/3. We will resume normal operating hours on 9/4….


CuJu Turns 3…. Let’s Bring the House down

damn time flies… June 8th 2012, this little hole in the wall in the hutongs opened up just in time for the first game of the Euro 2012. Dongcheng’s only…


TimeOut Beijing 2014 Bar Awards

So folks, as 2014 comes to an end, we have the last set of Beijing nightlife awards coming out! This will be the last time you’re all asked to vote…


CuJu: The Second Coming… We’re all blue, like the smurfs but tastier

It has been a rough 3 weeks folks: so many hammers, so many nails so much dust… and no Merguez, no Rums and no sports at 28 Xiguan Hutong. Well,…


A Pirate’s Farewell: 3 Nights to Say Goodbye to Cu Ju

There’s an old pirate saying: ” May your anchor be tight, your cork be loose, your rum be spiced and your compass be true” When we set out to do…

Click for a bigger picture of our happy hutong hour

Pirate Ship News: New Happy Hour, New Schedule, more food

Hey Folks, As things are changing over at the Pirate Ship, we just want to make sure that you know what we’re up to and when we’re up to it….


Avast, ye scurvey dogs – 11th Hour Relief! We’re Sticking Around

it’s been a long month, it’s been a rough one… It’s over! The pirate ship will not be leaving XIguan HUtong for the foreseeable future although you should keep scouting…


Avast, ye scurvey dogs – Sailing Away Soon, Looking Forward to the Next Land Sighting

Well folks, there ain’t no other way to go about this. When i opened Cu Ju over a year ago, I had no idea what the future would hold but…