NFL 2013 Divisional Playoffs Live at Cuju… come get your kicks

Another weekend, Another round of exciting games to watch: Ravens-Broncos, Patriots-Texans, Seahawks -Falcons, Packers-49ers.


Tom Brady is back at it, looking to prove that New England still got what it takes to win the big one.The Texans are here with Houston-sized chip on their shoulder looking to prove they belong amongst the elite..
as they say, to be the best, you gotta beat the best.

no one expected the seahawks to get this far down the playoffs or to even be there.. except themselves.Atlanta on the other hand has done nothing but win all year and they still get no respect..

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are the team no one really wants to face… except maybe for the San Francisco 49ers.and they’re set to collide this sunday morning in the divisional playoffs.

The ravens are coming off an emotional performance behind Ray Lewis and they’re set to collide with Peyton Manning’s Broncos.
How is that for a clash of titans?

All Live and in HD with English commentary