On the Screen: Barcelona-Madrid, ManU-Chelsea, World Series etc..


Almost 3 years ago, the decision to open CuJu was made after i couldn’t find a place to watch Barcelona-Madrid in a city like Beijing. And to this day, rain or shine, it’s the match we will never be closed for. And it’s happening this weekend folks. So, between the world series, Super Sunday and a classico, we got ourselves a busy weekend of balls.

Please note that we will open for morning games at 8:00 a.m. If we oversleep, be patient, we’ll be there promptly and you get a drink on the house.


18:00 – NCAA: Notre Dame @ Florida State
20:30 – NFL: San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos
23:00 – NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins @ Detroit Red Wings

08:07 World Series: Royals @ Giants

19:10 Premier League: West Ham United – Manchester City
21:45 Premier League: Liverpool – Hull City
23:50 La Liga: Barcelona- Madrid

08:00 World Series: Royals @ Giants

18:02 Premier League: Queens Park – Liverpool
19:00 Premier League: Stoke City – Swansea
21:00 Premier League: Tottenham – Newcastle
23:30 Premier League: Manchester United – Chelsea

08:00 – World Series: Royals @ Giants
18:00 – NFL: Indianapolis Colts @ Pittsburgh Steelers

20:30 – NFL: Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints
23:00 – NHL: Ottawa Senators @ Chicago Blackhawks

18:00 – NFL: Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers
20:30 – NFL: Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys
23:00 – NHL: Minnesota Wild @ New York Rangers