The Superbowl at CuJu: What’s the Deal


so we’re looking at the news and deflate gate, much like all of you folks and wondering if this is gonna be another asterisk on the Patriots legacy. That said, we’re still gonna watch the game and here is how you can watch it too:

What: The Superbowl – Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots
when: February 2nd, 2015. Doors open at 6:30 a.m
Where: Beijing’s cosiest and funnest sports bistrot- CuJu

– Open bar from 6:30 a.m until the game is over and Breakfast
– Breakfast Options: Badr’s Jambalaya, Cuju’s Brekkie Platter, Shakshuka
– Drinks: Coffee, Juice, soda, Kirin Draught, House mixed drinks, Bloody Pirates
– 300pp all inclusive with only 20 people

We’re not in a habit of being elitist but we want YOU to watch the game in a nice cosy atmosphere, have great service and generally have a good time with people that enjoy the game. We could fit more people, be jam packed and won’t enjoy the game at all with the stress of service.

If you want to join us without the open bar, that’s also a possibility but send an email first please so we can discuss.

It’s gonna be a good game in Arizona.