This Weekend in Sports: Wimbledon, F1, Lions-Wallabies

A busy few days ahead at the bar folks with a few games spread throughout the weekend:

Wimbledon 2013:
We’ve had the British open on every night so far and you can expect us to keep things going over the next 4 nights until we reach the finals.
We’re also gonna be bringing back out Pim’s Classic for this one starting thursday night. It’s all culminating in the Ladies finals saturday and the Men’s finals on sunday.

F1: German Grand Prix
Sunday Night Starting 8:00 pm, catch up on your F1 action straight from Germany.
How will the Pirelli tires hold up this time around?

Lions vs. Wallabies – Game 3
2 games were played and they have felt like freaking battles.. heck, they were battles and game 3 of the Lions 2013 tour doesn’t feel like it’s gonna be much different from the first 2: a hard hitting affair that comes down to the wire. 6:00 pm on saturday

As usual, if you don’t see a game you want to watch, get in touch by email, weibo, Facebook or twitter… we answer!