Rum…. We LOVE Rum
And we want you to love it too! So forget what you think you know about Rum…

Beyond the sticky, navy rums and lighter mixing spirits
that are commonly found behind most bars there are complex and varied drinks of many styles. We have come up with a brilliant selection from all over the Caribbean islands, South America, Europe and even Asia for you to peruse, enjoy and share our love!

Usually bland and distilled continuously, they tend to be forgettable. However our selection boasts Santa Teresa aged for a minimum of 2 years, smoother than some aged ones. Seven Tiki, from Fiji, is absolutely brilliant and boasts beautiful hints of nuts and cinnamon. and our preferred choice for mojitos. 10 Cane is another lovely concoction by the people behind Hennesy with a strong personality and beautiful aroma. Here are some of ours:

Santa Teresa Claro
Seven Tiki
10 Cane
Sagatiba Velha
Havana Club Anejo
Havana Club Blanco
Ron Mulata Silver Dry
Tondena Silver
Velho Barreiro Cachaca

There is more to Rhum Agricole than just the letter H…. Say hello to appellation-grade Rhum Agricole, the purest expression of Rum on earth. Produced only on the French isles and from the run juice of fresh sugar cane, these rums are very aromatic and botanical without the heavy molasses aromas and sweetness of other rums. The white (unaged) rhums are among the most versatile, distinctive spirits available—And the rhum vieux, or “aged rum,” which comes in a dizzying array of expressions, shows beautifully among the greatest Cognac, Armagnac and whiskeys. Try some of these:

Damoiseau Blanc
Damoiseau Ambre
Rhum J.M
Rhum J.M. Ambre
Rhum Baita Brun
Rhum Negrita Brun
Clement Rhum Agricole Blanc
Rhum Baita
Rhum 3 Rivieres

Typical of Latin/Spanish countries, this is the most widely spread type of rum in the world. They’re typically aged in a variety of oak barrels and aged anywhere from 3 months to many years.
Venezuela: tends to be quite silky, smooth and elegant.

Guyana: makes medium body rums with beautiful wood & spice notes

Cuba: light and delicate with admirable finesse

Jamaica: like Islay whisky smoky, peaty and full bodied

Barbados: beautiful, soft and easy drinking

Ron Mulata
Ron Mulata Anejo Reserva
Santa Teresa Anejo
Appleton V/X
Appleton Reserve
Great Noble
Diplomatico Anejo
Mount Gay Eclipse
Gossling’s Gold
Bacardi 8
Old Captain

Dark, heavy rums associated with the British Navy. Until 1970 all sailors in the British Navy were issued with a daily rum ration!!
Gosling is a great well balanced navy rum and the best in a dark and stormy drink whereas Tahiti Dark is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Sun Spirit is one of the few rums made in China, French style.

Captain Morgan Dark
Bacardi Black
Myer’s Dark
Gossling’s Black Seal
Gossling’s Dark Over-proof
Tahiti Dark
Sun Spirit Dark Rum
Tondena Dark
White Diamonds Black
Whalers Dark

The myriad types of flavors and spices infused into rums offer a wide range of interesting and multifarious variations of spirits, both full proof and limited potency liqueurs and creams. Spiced rums offer unique flavors to cocktails, rum cakes, holiday libations and many other uses, bringing decidedly tropical flavors to the palate.

Sailor Jerry
Captain Morgan’s Private Stock
Isla Coconut



Name your favorite pirate captain and picture yourself in his or her cabin, looking at that private stash… these are the delights you’re most likely to find hidden there! The best of the best!
Sipping a well-aged rum is an experience to savor. When enjoying one of these, keep the rum’s age in mind and try to remember what your were doing when the rum was produced. Whether you were in good spirits or bad, a nice sipping rum will make the memories more pleasant. Create a moment and sip on a rum like no other! Zacapa 23 was the first to be inducted in the Rum Hall of Fame, a cocktail in a bottle. Diplomatico Reserva has won over 20 medals in the last few years and Pyrat will puzzle you with its bitter sweetness.

Rhum Damoiseau Reserve Speciale
Rhum Vieux Clement VSOP
Ron Zacapa 23 Solera
Ron Zacapa Centenario (cask)
Ron Zacapa Xo
Ron Cubay 10
Gossling’s Family Reserve
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
Pyrat X.O
Santa Theresa 1796 Solera
Appleton Estate Extra
Flor de Cana 15
El Dorado 15

We take great pride in our rums and try to keep them as affordable as we can. All pours are 40 ml

This list is not inclusive… we have many many more in stock so ask the bartenders about the secret stash!!

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