2016.5.25: Rums of Central America Tasting & Gail’s Cuisine

Our series of rum tastings contines this month with rums of Central America and a little side dish of Gail’s Caribbean cuisine! Last time we had this event, it was sold out so please, book in advance!

The Rums:

Ron Zacapa (Guatemala)
Arguably the best rum in the world. Multiple awards over the last few decades, the first rum to be inducted in the rum hall of fame… Even people that don’t know rum will know of Zacapa. On wednesday we will be sampling both the Zacapa Centenario 23 and Zacapa XO

Ron Abuelo (Panama)
This “Grandfather Rum” is the least sophisticated one of the bunch, but the trade-off is that it’s a real bargain. In Panama you can often find a liter bottle for less than $10 and cocktails made with it are a few dollars in a bar. The regular version does not have any age indication, but it’s too unrestrained for sipping anyway. It flows freely in every cocktail bar, mixed with fresh tropical fruit juices. The seven-year and 12-year versions of Ron Abuelo, however, become something interesting to sip on. We will sample all 3 of them!

Flor de Caña (Nicaragua)
Pronounced “floor de kahn-ya,” this is the brand from Central America that you are most likely to see in your local liquor store or bar and it is a staple of hotels and restaurants throughout Latin America. It’s also a favorite of many connoisseurs, especially those who like to have a fat cigar in hand with their glass of rum. If Costa Rica’s main brand is like a sunny day on the beach, Nicaragua‘s Flor de Caña is more like a leather sofa by the fireplace at night: intense, dark, and complex. Perhaps in part to being aged in hot places, plus a 40% alcohol level, this is a rum that feels downright serious. We will be sampling the 12 years old

Ron Centenario (Costa Rica)
This is one of the smoothest rums on earth, with a taste sensation like warm liquid caramel. With 35% alcohol, it is (for better or worse) something you could sip neat for hours and then say, “What happened to our full bottle?” It’s balanced and well-crafted, but without any overpowering bite.

Centenario comes in a wide array of options–the five-year version is the best bet for cocktails and the 30-year version is ideal for very special occasions. We will have the 9 years old.

Gail’s Caribbean Cuisine


Gail has put on a small and funky menu for the evening (in addition to cuju’s regular offerings): Jerk Wings, Curry Chicken with Rice, Curry Corn!