Avast, ye scurvey dogs — Remember Black Tot Day


Avast, ye scurvey dogs!!!

We be havin’ an official-like nomination for a permanet place of sad memoriums upon Ye Ol’ Coots Calendar:

Black Tot Day

July 31st 2013 must be set aside to commemorate that dismal day – 43 yers ago – when the lastest tot of rum were dispensed to the worthy lads of the British Royal Navy.

A fine old Naval Tradition gone down the scuppers of Political Correctness, I be a- sayin’!I be suggestin’ that this scurrilous event be bein’ observed by the dispensin’ of tots of rum – to friends (should the likes of you be havin’ any), neighbors (them as is still speakin’ to you black-bearded beasties), or simply to your own good self – if it comes to that (and who amongst us would be bein’ surprised at such a turn, eh?)

Splicin’ The Mainbrace Heartily,
The Cu Ju Crew

ps: for the occasion, we have acquired very limited stock of good old Pusser’s, the original Navy rum…. so, come on over and get a tot!
All out navy rums will be on special inclusing Kraken and Gossling