Black Tot Day Featuring The Poseidon Project

Avast, ye scurvey dogs!!!

We be havin’ an official-like nomination for a permanet place of sad memoriums upon Ye Ol’ Coots Calendar:

Black Tot Day

July 31st 2013 must be set aside to commemorate that dismal day – 44 yers ago – when the lastest tot of rum were dispensed to the worthy lads of the British Royal Navy.

A fine old Naval Tradition gone down the scuppers of Political Correctness, I be a- sayin’!I be suggestin’ that this scurrilous event be bein’ observed by the dispensin’ of tots of rum – to friends (should the likes of you be havin’ any), neighbors (them as is still speakin’ to you black-bearded beasties), or simply to your own good self – if it comes to that (and who amongst us would be bein’ surprised at such a turn, eh?)

Splicin’ The Mainbrace Heartily,
The Cu Ju Crew

For the occasion:
– we’ll be brewing Colonial cocktails all night and providing an amazing buy 1 get 1 free on all navy rums, including the aged ones.

The Poseidon Project:
– We’ve been fortunate enough to have the great folks behind this documentary agree to let us show and bring it to the hutongs. Here is some information about it:


The Poseidon Project is a 2013 documentary film about the search for a lost British submarine called HMS Poseidon. The submarine sank after a collision off the coast of China in 1931. It was widely assumed to be still present in the Bohai Sea, 20 miles off the city of Weihai in China’s Shandong Province until American author and scuba diver Steven Schwankert discovered that it had been salvaged by a Chinese salvage team in 1972. Schwankert’s work and the history of the submarine and its crew is the subject of The Poseidon Project. The film was directed by British brothers Arthur Jones and Luther Jones.

Of course, in true Cu Ju style, expect many extra surprises.