New Specials: Wine Night and Sandwich Nite

Here at cuju, we’ve made a lot of our reputation on rums but let’s not forgot that we have a full house of goodies. So we’re launching a few new things to keep you guys and ladies entertained:

Manic Monday: 50% off Sandwiches

Yes, on Monday, the Kefta, the Merguez and the Shakshuka are all 50% off. How about that?

Winey Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, we’re putting our grapes on display. For now, we’re only working with two brands Terras D’el Rei from Portugal and 1421 From Xinjiang.
On Tuesday, get a complementary appetiser with the purchases of a bottle of wine. How is that?

Of Course we’re keeping some of our other goodies like RMB35 cocktail night on thursday and get rumoured on friday.